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Welcome to the My Little Diapers WikiEdit

This is the ultimate wiki about padded ponies and the perfect community for AB/DL bronies. Here you will be able to find all the content about our favourite ponies wearing diapers.

Please remember to read our rules to know what is allowed in our wiki.

What is AB/DL? Edit

AB/DL stands for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover and this is a description of those kinds of adult people, both males and females, who enjoy and/or like wearing diapers and/or using them for their purpose. These interests sometimes (but not always) involve a fetish related to wearing diapers Sometimes in the brony fandom it is also used AF/DL changing the word Baby for Foals.

Please read our article What is AB/DL? to get more information about this.

What kind of content could I find? Edit

You will be able to find tons of information about MLP canon characters and tons of cute pictures of them wearing diapers. You will also be able to find out Original Characters (OC) information and you will be able to add your own OC's too. Besides, if you're more interested in the stories about diapered ponies you will be able to find information about some stories, read some complete stories or even post your own stories.

Wikis of The Diaper Coalition
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